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Since 2003, Croatian economy is undergoing a slow but constant upturn. It’s substantially based on the industry, the exportation of chemical  and textile products and tourism.
The main tourist influx is certainly registered during the summer, when the hotel structures are so frequently full house.
The cost of living is in the main meagre, because museum entrance tickets, movements and food are really cheap, even if hotel tariffs are not so advantageous.
The Kuna is been used money in Croatia since 1994, when it replaced the dinaro.
Until December 2001 its value was strongly depending to the German Mark insomuch as the prices of the accommodations, apartments, houses were expressed in Mark. When the latter was replaced by the Euro, the Croatian Government tried to keep constant the exchange. This budget law enabled the confidence of the foreign partners and tourists.
Even if Croatia is not yet member of the European Community, in several places is possible pay in Euro.
The following conversion table will be useful for a quick computation:
Coin: Kuna      
Coin Code: HRK    
1 € = 7.4225 Kuna
1 Kuna = 0.1347 €
1 US $ = 5.5951 Kuna      
1 Kuna = 0.1787 US $
1 £: 8.1301 Kuna
1 kuna: 0.1229 £     

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